The Good The Plaid & The Lovely Scarf

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This plaid checkered blanket scarf is not only going to keep you warm all winter long, but it also can be worn a thousand different ways and pairs with a thousand different outfits! Don't believe me? Snatch one up and try it for yourself!

No Stretch Through Material
Fringe Detail Lining Edges
100% Acrylic
53" X 57"

To complete this costume as a Fortune teller, consider pairing this scarf with the
- Every Girl's Go-To White Button Down
- Tiered & Tied Skirt In Wine
- Make A Wish Coin Necklace
- Dark Magic Velvet Headband
- Shawl We Dance Through Fall Ruana
- Rings Fit For Queens
- Bound By Chains Gold Necklace
- Tiny Gold Hoops