Boo Boo Balls

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Uh oh!! Boo boos will happen to our kiddos and we want as mamas to make their pain go away! We have found the MOST ADORABLE Boo Boo Balls!
We have 2 sizes: Regular & Itty Bitty.
Regular boo boo balls are squeeze-able stuffed animals and include:
1 gel freeze pack
12 matching band aids
3 antibiotic ointment packets
6 stickers
...all hidden in a secret zipper pouch in the back!
Just 💲42!
Itty Bitty Boo Boo Balls are mini versions that can can attach to a backpack and include:
6 bandaids
2 antibiotic oinment packs
3 stickers.
Just 💲19!
S O L D and the size one animal you want!