About Wildflower Drive

What drives you?

“Like wildflowers, you must allow yourselves to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” 

Wildflower Drive is family owned and operated independent fashion boutique. 

When I first opened our business, I had one simple goal. To be able to stay home with our medically fragile baby. Kaden was diagnosed with Type 2 SMA when he was just seven months old. Our schedule was wildly disorganized between hospital stays, therapies, and so much more. We needed the flexibility and freedom for one of us to be home with him.

I fell in love with the confidence I saw in my customers eyes as they felt beautiful in their skin. It was like a passion emerged in me. I didn't just have to be a stay at home medical mom anymore. I could equip women with self love and confidence through fashion. I believe confidence is sexy and in celebrating the female body as a temple of empowerment. At Wildflower Drive, we hope to empower you through inclusive on trend fashion that makes you feel like a queen. 

We are so proud to introduce to you all our new fully independent boutique, Wildflower Drive. Just like wildflowers elicit both freedom and strength, we want to inspire you to find fashion that gives you the confidence to be that strong and free woman we know you are. 

Follow along our journey. 

We would not be anywhere without you by our side.


Katie Myers

Creator and Curator of Wildflower Drive

Mom to miracles.