Wildflower's Fight. Website launch & SMA Awareness Month.

Wildflowers fight to win. They are strong enough to rise up when trampled on. They grow in the darkest storms. They grow in places you would never expect. They are beautiful. They are free.

We are all Wildflowers. We can fight too. All of us. We can fight for our lives, fight for what we believe in. We can fight for our children. We can fight for our jobs. 

Today is about fighting and it’s also about fighting to win. As we choose today to launch Wildflower Drive’s official website, we celebrate winning the fights in our lives. 

Today is a very special day. It’s August 1st. The first day of SMA Awareness month. It’s also the day that our daughter Kenna received her 10th dose of Spinraza. A life saving treatment that prevents her from having symptoms of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disease her and her brother Kaden share. 

SMA is a rare genetic disease that affects about 1:10000 births. It’s very similar to ALS in that the muscle atrophy causes motor neuron death.  It slowly robs children of their ability to walk, sit, eat, smile, even breathe. I watched as close friends lost their babies to this disease. In 2018, the first ever treatment for SMA was approved by the FDA! It was a miracle. A miracle that our daughter first received this drug at just 10 days old and again today.

We had to watch our son Kaden slowly lose strength until he started to receive Spinraza at 3 years old. Thanks to treatment options, he now slowly gains strength over time, instead of losing it. 

We are so blessed that our children are able to fight to win and so are we! 

That is why we chose to launch the Wildflower Drive website on the first day of SMA awareness month. 

We can ALL win the fights in our lives. 

For the month of August, Wildflower Drive will be donating a portion of our sales to SMA Research. ❤️

We welcome you to our shop!